Buteyko Breathing


Besides asthma and hypertension, there are many other areas where the Buteyko Method is useful, such as anxiety and sleep apnea. How you breathe affects the oxygenation of your organs. The detrimental effects of mouth breathing, hyperventilation and overbreathing are well-documented.

The Buteyko Method is built upon the premise that you survive on food, water, and air. Naturally, the quality of each is of utmost importance, but when it comes to air, few consider the quantity of air they breathe as a having such an enormously profound health impact.

The Buteyko Method teaches you how to bring your breathing volume back toward normal or, in other words, to reverse what’s called chronic hyperventilation or chronic overbreathing. When your breathing is normal, you have better oxygenation of tissues and organs, including your brain.

Holistically relieve symptoms of long-haul COVID, asthma, anxiety, panic attacks, nasal congestion, hay fever, shortness of breath or chronic hyperventilation during exercise/yoga with the Buteyko Breathing Method.